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2014-12-05 08:55:51 by Melvinsgamefountain

i think im starting to realise the hatred for what im doing on newgrounds , but all i can say is that they didnt get blammed , none of them at all , so newgrounds has no right to take them off the site , there not offensive , there not good , there not bad , there not not , there nothing , there just here in this moment in time , so please learn to deal with your emotions 


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2014-12-05 11:37:45

Just keep doing what you love,and why not learn some things by going through some submissions here?It's a good way to get inspired and get better at your skills.And unfortunately,Newgrounds actually has the right to take stuff off,if enough people supports that,but don't let that stop you.Also,you could make your games longer and a little meaningful,that could help too.It's more work but it's still worth it.You can do it!

Melvinsgamefountain responds:

have a good christmas