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2014-12-04 08:47:37 by Melvinsgamefountain

so the word loser is interesting ,  use it to gain what i have seen , what have i seen? , angry comments , people being rude , hatred for me and my creations , it is a beautiful idea that you most certainly hate them for what they are but want them to be more than they are? i dont understand , but do you?


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2014-12-04 11:36:43

Hello there,sorry to have read about your problems.Well,yeah,those negative stuff can really hurt,it's not because of your idea,it's really more of a mindset around here.They weren't that bad,it's just that most Newgrounders here,kind of,'demand' good quality submissions,like parents wanting good grades from their kids.Don't worry about hurtful comments as they're from a minority,just keep doing your best and ask around in the forums for advice.You can't please everyone,but if you can please yourself,just continue with it and practice more!Good luck!

Melvinsgamefountain responds:

interesting , have a very nice christmas